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350MM Timber Pendant (WG3301)

350MM Timber Pendant

BONITO Pendant CLA Lighting

Bonito pendant

Classic 1 Light Pendant (8114-1P)

Classic 1 Light Pendant

Exterior 316SS 240V Single Adjustable Wall Pillar Light With 5W LED Globe (HV1207GU10) Havit Lighting

Exterior 316 marine grade single 240v adjustable wall pillar light supplied with 240v GU10 5w LED globe

Farina 30 Ball Pendant Telbix

Farina 30 Ball Pendant

Finley 6 Light Pendant (Finley PE60) TElbix

Finley 6 light pendant

James 4 Light Close To Ceiling (James CTC55-AB) Telbix

James 4 Light Close To Ceiling

KALI Exterior Adjustable LED Wall Light (CED8320) Crompton Lighting

KALI Exterior Adjustable LED Wall Light

Milton 12 Light Pendant (MC56212AB) Mercator Lighting

Milton 12 light pendant
$699.00 $499.00

Mina 4 Light Pendant Telbix

Mina 4 light pendant

Mona 1 Light Glass Pendant (MP8621) Mercator Lighting

Mona 1 light glass pendant

Polk 1 Light Medium Pendant (Polk PE30) Telbix

Polk 1 light medium pendant

Sierra Large 1 Light Exterior Wall Light (MX4111L) Mercator Lighting

Sierra large 1 light exterior wall light

Stark 1 Light Pendant CLA Lighting

Stark 1 light pendant

Strato1 10 Light Pendant CLA Lighting

Strato1 10 Light Pendant

Wedge 15W Dimmable LED Wall Light IP54 M-Elec

Wedge 15w LED wall light