12v G4 AC/DC 2.5w LED Lamps Azoogi Lighting

12v G4 AC/DC 2.5w LED Lamps
SKU: G4-03/G4-04
Manufacturer: Azoogi LED Lighting

  • Input: 12v AC/DC
  • Power: 2.5w
  • LED Colour: Warmwhite 2700K, Cool White: 6000K
  • Output: Warmwhite 150lm; Cool White 200lm
  • Size: 30 H x 10mm W
  • 1:1 Size of traditional Lamp
  • High efficiency SMD LED chips
  • 360° Wide beam angle
  • Suits most lamp fittings
  • Ideal for decorative applications
  • Sillicon coated body
  • Dimmable with most universal dimmers
  • Compatible with most electronic-transformers